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Below you will find the most up-to-date information regarding The Reverend Horton Heat that we can get our greedy little hands on. I try to mention when something hasn't been confirmed... but I don't always remember to do that so please take everything posted here with some common sense. Mail any questions, comments, and news to me, 'thew' Matt Wetzler at thew@mocksonkey.com.

8-29-02: Quick note, college radio station WBWC just outside Cleveland, OH will be featuring RHH on their weekly Mini-Marathon program this coming Sunday, November 3, 2002. The program starts at 10 a.m., ending at 1 p.m. and includes an interview as well as, obviously, tons of RHH songs. You can listen to this excellent sounding show at www.wbwc.com. If you've got any more questions about the program, email Professor J.

8-29-02: There hasn't been a whole lotta news on the RHH front as of late. I made the first tour dates update to the site in nearly a years time, finally bringing it up to date with the official site. Also, as mentioned on said official site, the band did something in conjunction with the Cartoon Network, but unfortunately, I was never able to find out exactly what it was for. It appeared they did some sort of theme song for it. If anyone has any further information on this it would be greatly appreciated.

6-9-02: I recently came across an interesting news article at thestranger.com pertaining the band that details an apparent lawsuit against Sub-Pop. The case doesn't go to trial until 2003, so I guess it'll be a while before we hear anything more on the matter.

On a lighter and more positive note (not to mention LATE) I have a review from long time BDR contributor Ed Saad which he sent me over a month ago after the show on December 1st in Birmingham. So without further ado, here it is.

1-9-02: Welcome to the first news post of the new year, and what a post it is! Granted, had I had my head out of the sand this should have been one of the last updates of last year. Anyway, here it is.

The bands new record label is Artemis Records. For those who didn't know, Time Bomb hit some financial problems, which if I am recalling correctly is the primary reason for the band leaving that label (if I'm wrong, someone please correct me). To coincide with this new union the release of the bands seventh studio album titled Lucky Seven will take place on February 26th! Ed Stasium, whom you might recall from the production credits of 1998's Space Heater is once again at the helm and you can download the first single, "Locos Gringos", right here at the label's web site. Artemis has set up a nice little sub section devoted to RHH right here as well.

As a follow up to last news post, you can view the Los Straitjackets video "Down the line" featuring Jim Heath at the Burly Bear Network, it's currently listed on the main page. Enjoy!

Thanks goes out, in no particular order to the following people for all the preceding information: Jesus James, Charlotte Hutchison, Lisa Weitzmann, seth ian klumb.

12-28-01: Happy Holidays to all! It's the usual excuse for lack of updates recently, being that there hasn't been TOO much stuff going on. But there is some notables I should get out of the way.

The Los Straitjackets have released a new album titled Sing Along with Los Straitjackets and as the title might indicate, it features several guest vocalists including but not limited to Jim Heath on the song "Down the Line". There's actually a video for it that has The Rev. in it, but I haven't seen it. It's allegedly available to stream over the internet, but the URL I found no longer works. So if anyone knows where, feel free to drop me a line. Thanks to Matthew Mayo (mmayo@downeast.com) for the heads up on that. Other guest vocalists include Leigh Nash from Sixpence none the richer, El Vez, Big Sandy, and Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Secondly, if you've seen the latest Levi's commercial with the western theme and the mechanical bull, you may have noticed a familiar tune in the background. That's right, it's none other than the tune "Big Sky", the first track off of Liquor in the Front.... Thanks goes out to Julie (Jplusinfintiq45@aol.com) for bringing that to my attention.

Lastly, those of you in the Chicago area have the opportunity to check out the band on New Years eve you lucky dogs. But, I guess that's what you get living in one of the chillest cities in the country. I'm Jealous.

10-4-01: Howdy all! If you've visited the site in the last few weeks you were greeted by this page. The reason being in light of the events of last month, I felt there were certain things that were more important than a silly music site. However there comes a time to get back to some normalcy,and I had intended to do that much earlier, but school/work intervened.

So what's been happening? There's quite a few new tour dates worth checking out. Also in the page's absence, RHH took part in a concert as part of The Toadies farewell tour of sorts (if not their actual last show). Even though it took place in Austin I myself missed it do to school related commitments, but I hear it was an excellent show.

Finally I've gotten closer to finalizing a re-design of the site, as it's gotten kind of dated and I've grown tired of the current design. If you'd like a preview of what the site will more than likely look like, head over here. Don't let the DIR name fool you, I coded it all by hand, but it was for a class in which I was supposed to be using Dreamweaver. So if you check it out and want to register your opinion whether it be a 'yay' or 'nay' drop me a line.

8-15-01: Well, not a whole heck of a lot has been going on in RHH land the last few months. The guys are on tour and have been kicking a$$ from coast to coast as well as Canada. Those of you who have happened to pick up the latest Voodoo Glow Skulls album Symbolic may have heard a familiar sound on the song el mas chingon. That's right, Jim Heath appears on guitar. Big thanks out to old school BDR contributor Ed Saad (edsaad@bellsouth.net) for that bit. The song is pretty chill, and if you have the means, I highly recommend you give it a listen. That's really all for now. Keep on rockin' everybody!

5-10-01: First things first there are more tour dates located, where else, but the tour page. And those readers in Canada should be happy indeed come the July/August time frame.

In other tour related news, the show in Irvine, CA on July 7th is the yearly Hootenanny festival which this years full line-up has just been released for. And I must say I am incredibly jealous I live way too far away to make it to that show. The headlining bands are Social Distortion, Chuck Berry, and of course Reverend Horton Heat. The other bands playing at this years festival are Lee Rocker & Scotty Moore, Supersuckers, The Cadillac Tramps, Big Sandy, Blasters, John Doe, Paladins, James Intveld, Amazing Crowns, Russell Scott, Hot Rod Lincoln, Throw Rag, Rattled Roasters, Rumble King, Rave Ons, and Crank Williams. Now I've only seen The Amazing Crowns in that list of supporting bands, but they are certainly one of the most aptly named bands around. And I mean, who needs justification to see Chuck Berry?!

Hmm.. what else. Dennis (ikhebstinkvoeten@pandora.be) all the way from Belgium sent in this link with some really incredible pictures from last years Pukkelpop Festival. You'll definitely want to them out. I've also gotten a few other e-mails from across the pond that have been in complete praise of the guys live performances over there. Not that we're surprised over here in the states, but we get to see the band in the flesh a lot more often then they do in other countries, so it's good to hear that they're not disappointing in the least. To quote Alison N. from Australia, "All I can say is that the Rev has lived up to my high expectations and I can't wait for them to come back some time soon!". Nice.

4-11-01: Guess what campers!? I just posted a certifiable slew of new tour dates to the tour page. And if you live in a country NOT the United States it seems have reason to be happy. Because in addition to a bunch of stateside dates, there are shows to be seen in Australia, Europe, AND Canada. Darn right!

This is a tour I highly recommend you check out as I had the pleasure of catching most of their show here in Austin the weekend before last and they played a bunch of new songs, some never before heard (by me) covers, and even some songs I hadn't heard the band play live since 1995 (ie - Loaded Gun). They seemed to have a great time on stage and it showed in their music. I'd also like to mention that DAMN had I forgotten all the fine looking female Rev fans out there. I arrived late due to the Creative Summit down at SWT where I attend school. I had two pieces of design work accepted into the show which really made my weekend. The Rev. show was a great way to cap off the evening.

1-9-01: Happy New Year! And what a year it looks to be due to this one piece of exciting news one Jason Wickersham (jawicker@ttacs.ttu.edu) has sent my way. Apparently at the 12/29 live show at Caravan of Dreams in Fort Worth Jim announced that the show was being taped, possibly indicating a forthcoming live album. Admittedly this is just speculation at the moment, but if any more is heard believe me you will be the first to know. Thanks to Jason for the heads up.

Secondly, I received an email from Jennifer Grabowski (jen@universalbuzz.com) at Universal Buzz who happen to be featuring The Reverend Horton Heat as their band of the week this week, live from Rochester, NY. If you've got the means and the inclination, check it out.

12-29-00: Haven't received a whole boat load of news lately, but the little news I've got is enough for a few substantial boats all on its own. Firstly I missed Jimbo's birthday in early November, so a very belated "Happy Birthday" there. But more importantly, all of us here at BDR would like to congratulate Jimbo and his wife Jennifer on the birth of their son Austin James Wallace on December 15. Weighing 9 lbs 5 ounces... GOOD LO'D THAT'S A BIG BABY! We couldn't be happier for you guys.

On that note, I'd like to say I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and wish you all a Happy New Year in the coming year which we all know is the true "New Millenium".

11-11-00: Okay, so this update isn't related to RHH in the least, but I wanted to mention it. Discog maestro Andrew Snodgrass' band Big Lummox can be found on the Digital Club Network this coming Tuesday (11/14) at The Casbah opening for The Love Lite Shine and The Sultans. Andrew describes his band as "basically the 4 largest guys at my work playing old 60's garage rock." So go check it out!

11-5-00: Well officer it was like this... I didn't have internet access for over a month thanks to the bottom dweller that is Southwestern Bell®, then I became very busy with working almost full time, then a vacation, then school, and now I'm working on the days I don't have class. So yeah, I'm busy, but I am alive.

Lots of cool stuff to mention, some of which is kind of old, and I apologize. Firstly, I bet you didn't know Scott Churilla could be found in September '00 issue of Playboy Magazine. That's right, in the section called "20 Questions" they interview Seth Green (TVs Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Austin Powers 1 & 2). Here's the pertinent snippet.

PLAYBOY: You portray a guitar-wielding rock-and-roll werewolf on Buffy. Ringo has his all-star band. Who would be in yours?

GREEN: Wow. It would be a big band. We'd fill the stage. Tom Morello would be in it, as would Tenacious D. Matthew Sweet would be our songwriter. We'd have some cool, hot chick like Shirley Manson singing. I would love to get Josh Freese, Scott Churilla, Jimmy Chamberlain and Chad Smith to do percussion. That would be brilliant. I'd throw Twiggy Ramirez, Flea and Mike Dirnt and Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 into the bass section. I'm bad with guitars, so I would just sit and watch.

Guitar.com has a pretty chill feature on the Rev. which even includes a couple video guitar lessons. Check that session out right here.

CDNOW! now offers the Sub-Pop RHH CDs as choices to choose from to make your own custom compilation CDs online. Thought you might be interested in that.

Might want to sit down for this one, I actually updated the tour dates...

Finally, in the current issue of Communication Arts (#300, November 2000, 41st Annual Design Annual), on page 71 there is a poster for the February 11th concert at the House of Blues with Hank Williams III, designed by Steve Carsella of Vibranium design. I will scan this in at the first available moment.

7-10-00: I'm certain you don't wanna here my apologies so I shall go directly into the update. First, all you Canadian rockabilly fanatics can rejoice as the band is currently on tour 'north of the border' (so to speak). In addition, something that is sure to increase the value of the Euro is the following swing through Deutschland, Italy, France, and surrounding European countries. Fantastic news for all of you who crave 'much good rockabilly'.

Andrew would like to pass on the word of a new compilation album titled Live At The Hootenanny Vol. 1 featuring a live (go figure) version of Five-O Ford. Hop on over to the Discography for more details would ya?

Finally, it has been brought to my attention there will be a live internet with Reverend Horton Heat on July 29th @ chat.Yahoo.com (you'll need to register with them for free if you aren't already). It is scheduled for 8:00pm EST and should last about an hour, sponsored by guitar.com.

5-27-00: The Rev and crew put on a fantastic show last night here in Austin at Stubb's barbecue. I'd like to thank Jen and Jimbo for getting me into the show and the great chat afterwards, and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them, which will be explained in more detail in the future. Unbeknownst to me (and to the band until yesterday afternoon) the show was webcast by bigjam.com who I would imagine will have the show archived in the near future I should have a review up shortly. And speaking of archives, you can view the SXSW 2000 Performance by RHH and others already archived at bigjam.com.

I noticed over on Spin.com they've got a current feature running on the aforementioned SXSW 2000 with a two-and-a-half minute interview with Jim. You can check that out for the time being here.

And last but certainly not least the always lovely Jennifer Charles-Wallace has added another positive review of Box to the ever glowing list of such reviews. What can we say, the album rocks, buy it.

5-21-00: The bad news is it HAS been a while since I last updated. The good news is I've got a lot to report. Of much interest I've finally updated the tour dates, which have been languishing for quite some time.

Secondly, as many of you may have noticed in your trips to your local Multi-Plex, some clever advertising person has worked in some RHH music into the trailer for the Norm McDonald movie "Screwed". No word on if the guys are on the soundtrack, but you can check out the trailer here. Towards the end of the trailer (which, is actually probably better than the movie itself) the song "Bullet" is played. Interesting too is the reference to the movie "Cool Hand Luke" towards the beginning of said trailer.

Next, a man by the name of Matthew Mayo (mmayo@downeast.com) sends word that Jim Heath is featured in the latesy Guitar Player magazine (July 2000 issue, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine on the cover). It's a two-page article entitled "Reverend Horton Heat: Back to Burnin' Basics." with a large photo and a gear description.

Bugjuice.com has served up a feature devoted to RHH with an excellent video interview with Jim Heath, some good 'bio' type information, and a contest to win a RHH workshirt. Check it out! Thanks to David Krinsky ( wallaby212@hotmail.com) and Jennifer Charles-Wallace for sending me that URL.

Finally, once again 'props' go out to Jennifer Charles-Wallace for finding yet another glowing review of Box.

4-14-00: Got a handful of great stuff for you all to check out at this instant! Firstly weevil (timbob29@idt.net) has served up a hot steaming bowl of Sue Jack Daniels all tabbed out for you guitar players. Speaking of Sue Jack Daniels it is advised you call your local radio station every 5 minutes requesting it, and when they block your phone go next door and call every 5 minutes.

Erin (rabshedevil@yahoo.com) has sent word of a recent article/interview found in the UCLA student newspaper.

Jen (jcharles@dallasnews.com) has dug up a glowing review of Box at Spin Online.
Jenifer Hanen (jenhanen@kilroyrealty.com) over at the chill session that is Barflies.net clued me in on not only the RHH cover story they have going this month but also the SXSW coverage, both with tons of great photos, so get on over there.

This page here has the stellar line-up for this years Hootenanny festival in Southern Cal.

4-10-00: Got a couple of quick updates here I'd like to get the word out on. This is a request from Andrew to improve the Discography and make it even more chill than it was before:

I Need Your Help!! I want to get an extensive listing of Reverend Horton Heat bootlegs. Both VIDEO and AUDIO. This will help all of us crazy collectors find out what we still need to purchase, and also help us all find that rare track or recording of a show we went to and never knew existed. Please send any and all info to asnod@derek_smalls@cox.net. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

As an aside to this. BDR does not support the recording and sale of bootlegs for profit. However I would like to suggest the trading of bootlegs which could possibly be a new section on this site. This way, we can all get our hands on live recordings, while at the same time sticking it to the companies that are ripping off the artists by selling these unauthorized recordings.

Finally I received word today from an artist known as Speed from California. He's recently conjured up a poster for the April 13th concert in Sacramento. Said poster can be viewed and ordered from here.

As one final note I'd like to shout out a Happy B-Day to my older bro John who never hesitated to loan me the dollars when I was less financially stable. YOU DA MAN!

4-5-00: Here's some more information about The RHH being at Lou's Records in Encinitas as mentioned on the 29th of last month. The following is straight from Andrew who works there:

"The signing is gonna go on between 1-2ish. He'll be there to sign CDs, poster, and other such stuff that people can think of. Not sure if it is just gonna be jim or if Jimbo and scott will be the, but I figure all 3 will be there. also, the new CD is only $10.99 so people can buy it there if they have not done so yet."

3-31-00: Go vote for The Reverend Horton Heat for the Dallas Observer Music Awards.

3-29-00: Quick update. The RHH will be making an appearence at Lou's Records in Encinitas, CA on April 9th sometime during the day. This happens to be the same place where our discography friend Andrew Snodgrass is employed. So if you are in that area, stop in and say "hey" to the band and to Andrew.

3-25-00: More reviews and the first tablature (thanks to weevil) from the new album! I'll have the new tourdates up soon.

3-21-00: First things first as you probably noticed on your way in there is a bran new 'Current Feature' on the main page devoted to the brand new album. I've included some of the stuff from the promotional sheet sent out to record stores, as well as sound samples for most of the songs courtesy of CDNOW. Also Jennifer Charles-Wallace has been providing a deluge of reviews of the new album all of which are quite positive. You can check those out under reading. Also, don't forget the online chat with the band being held here (as mentioned in the post on 3/11/00).

3-17-00: Yet another Webcast is taking place tonight from the SXSW music conference here in Austin, TX. So be sure to check out RHH live from Stubb's. I plan on attending this very show, so maybe you'll see me :). Also there is a review of the recent St. Petersburg concert here, thanks to Amanda Mitchell (Litlhllrsr@aol.com). Soon I will be posting a bunch of really cool information regarding the new album so stay tuned for that. But now I must get back to work.

3-13-00: Just a real quick lightning update here. There is going to be a Webcast at Rollingstone.com tomorrow (Tuesday, March 14th). Send your props to Jennifer Charles (jcharles@dallasnews.com) for this kickin' notification.

3-11-00: Welcome to another update. First things first there is an excellent article to be found at dallasnews.com, and thanks to Jennifer Charles (jcharles@dallasnews.com) and Jeff Weatherford (jweather@ticnet.com) for that URL. Jennifer has also brought to my attention an online chat with RHH to take place @ Sonicnet on March 23 at 9:00pm EST. Finally I'd like to thank bring your attention to a new URL for the discography. Andrew Snodgrass was experiencing difficulties with his previous ISP but is now back in the proverbial business. Be sure to check out the albums section for pictures of the new album and the track listing.

3-6-00: Big thanks goes out to Dana Summit for submitting her latest "5 Questions" interview with none other than Jim Heath and Jimbo Wallace. Definitely worth the quick read. Also, thanks goes out to guitar tab guru Weev for letting me know that the tabs second was all wiggity due to the site redesign (I think someone a long while ago mentioned this too... sorry about not fixing it then), but I think all should be in order now with that.

Finally, if you head on over to CDNOW you can preorder the new album Spend A Night In The Box so you can be the first on your block to groove to the new stylings of the RHH.

2-24-00: Last week I posted the info on Time Bomb's "MP3 of the week" kinda late, well not to worry as they've got a new one up, the second track off of the new album, Big D Boogie Woogie, a fine fine hymn. Also, as I was meandering around I found this little snippet on SPIN.com.

2-22-00: Just a quick update to let ya'll know that a newly redesigned discography is now in your midst. Andrew Snodgrass and I (okay, Andrew did all the real work) have spent the last couple weeks re-tooling the discography to mirror the look and feel of BDR so that you the viewer can enjoy a seamless web browsing experience. He is still the main man when it comes to album information, he still hosts everything on his server, it's simply a cosmetic change with the same high quality updates. Go forth and enjoy!

2-19-00: Hidily Ho! neighbors! First of all I've finally gotten around to adding the new batch of tour dates, so be sure to see if the guys will be in your area soon. Secondly, I wanted to mention that on a whim today at my local mall I picked up a copy of Love & a .45 (the film in which RHH appears playing in a seedy bar) and lo-and-behold, one of the special features which are so prevalent on DVDs was the video for One Time For Me. Needless to say this was a very unexpected treat, so if you have a DVD player, don't miss this opportunity to own a little bit of the band in all their digitally remastered glory (and also a fine flick to boot!). Finally, there are a couple sites (here and here) that are giving away free tickets to the March 1st show at Irving Plaza in New York City.

**Last Minute Addition** - Time Bomb Recordings featured MP3 this week is none other than the title track of the upcoming album Spend A Night In The Box. I cannot suggest strongly enough how you need to go there right now and download it.

2-10-00: Boy howdy! It's been a while since I've updated but you will enjoy the dearth of information I have for you. First things first, Time Bomb has a full fledged article detailing the process that gave birth to the forthcoming album Spend A Night In The Box. Mtv.com has a small article up regarding said album along with a slew of new tourdates which I will hopefully soon have here on BDR. Also, I've gotten around to posting up a review of their concert here in Austin last month. And last but most certainly not least, the track listing for the album of the old millenium (which doesn't end for another 11 months) is now available at the discography... so what are you still reading this for?!

12-25-99: MERRY CHRISTMAS and to all a new site! As you may notice B.D.R. looks a little different. This is the much hinted at way late introduction of the redesign I pretty much finished in July. If anything doesn't work, or you just think some of my decisions were pure stupidity, please let me know and I will do my best to remedy the situation. The site will now begin to evolve around this design for the time being. In addition to the new layout this page is now available at a brand spanking new URL -


Webmasters need not worry, it is not required that you change your links, but you may do so at your leisure. Hope you like the new B.D.R.!

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