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12-5-97 : Gobble-Gobble! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. On to the updates! It appears that some more shows have been added to the tour itinerary, so I recommend checking out the tour seciton. Also, the Pictures section has gotten somewhat more beefy thanks to Bob from Chicago (netconsult@megsinet.net). He's captured nine pictures from the episode of The Drew Carey Show that appeared last week.

11-20-97 : First things first, updates will be nil until December because as of tomorrow I will be out of town. My apologies to everyone, however, in my absence, in order to continue receiving the most up to date info, check the Official page. Especially in regards to tour dates as those are being rescheduled and added often right now. Lastly, all you fans of IRC should be happy, Aaron (beatnik@computer-services.com) has set up a Rev IRC channel on Dalnet. The channel name is #reverendhortonheat, so if your itching to do some chatting about the Rev, or would like to set up carpools to shows in your area or whatever, check it out.

11-18-97 : Bunch of new tour dates added, so check the tour section. The one in Ft. Worth has been moved till the end of January. Also, as reported on the official page about a week ago, the Drew Carey episode with the Rev will be on next week Wednesday the 26th.

11-11-97 : First of all, there are some new tour dates up, so be sure to check out the tour section. Also, I recently added some info in various places to the discography, along with some grossly incorrect information about Scott having been in KMFDM. It's sort of a long story about why I thought that so I won't bore you with it, but it was wrong, and Scott was in fact never in KMFDM. My biggest apologies to both Scott and KMFDM. One last thing, as far as I know ALL overseas tour dates have in fact been cancelled (this has been confirmed by the band). I am aware that tickets are still on sale in Australia, but I would be extremely cautious before shelling out the dough for those tickets especially if they are non-refundable.

11-5-97 UPDATE TWO: Turns out the Australia dates have been cancelled so apologies to those readers down under. Also, on a much happier note, it was Jimbo's birthday last Sunday (Nov. 2nd), so a big be-lated Happy Birtday! to him.

11-5-97: The Reverend on Jeopardy? That's right, turns out yesterday during teen week under the category "cyber talk" there was an an answer like "Mojo Nixon and Reverend Horton Heat contributed music to this software title." and the answer of course was Redneck Rampage, of course all readers of BDR would have gotten that correct right? Also, I've received word on some tour dates in Australia in early December from James Barnes (bark@burwood.starway.net.au). one in Melbourne on the 7th and another on the 11th in Sydney. Can anyone confirm this? Lastly, another confirmed date has been added for San Antonio, check out the tour section.

10-30-97: Apologies for the late update once again. I've been out of town and just plain busy. Anyway, as reported on the Official page the Drew Carey episode was rescheduled for December 3rd, so re-mark your calenders. Turns out it most likely had to do with the World Series being on. Also, one more thing, Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@owl.csusm.edu) has sent me some Reverend Horton Heat Desktop icons for Windows. You can snag those from the Pictures Section and let me say this, they are really good. I was quite impressed.

10-23-97: Okay, many of you have mailed me about last night's Drew Carey episode and the fact that the Rev. was most definitely not on it (even though they ran adds for that episode all week). I have no idea why this is, but I'm getting ready to contact ABC and see if I can see what's up. If I find out anything, you will all be the first to know.

10-22-97: Not really new news to report. Just wanted to post a reminder that the episode of Drew Carey with the Reverend is on tonight. Be sure to watch it... or tape it if you are unable. Also be sure to jot down all the apprpriate info so you can add it to the Rev's filmography at the I.M.B. Lastly, I will hopefully have some neat surprises to add to the page soon... maybe within the next month.

10-10-97: Added yet another tour date to the "tour dates" section...

10-9-97: Hey, the Drew Carey Show episode with the reverend has been pushed up to the 22nd rather then the 29th of this month. I ganked the following HTML straight from ABC's site...

Wednesday, October 22 (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET) - "That Thing You Donít"
Drew and the guys decide to resurrect their high school band in attempt to win a "Battle of the Bands" contest at the Warsaw. But their road to rock and roll stardom is hampered by their lead singer (who canít sing) and competition from the same band who used to make them miserable in school, The Undesirables (played by the psychobilly band, The Reverend Horton Heat, in a special guest appearance.) (A TV parental guideline will be assigned closer to airdate.)

Mark your calenders!

10-7-97: I apologize for not posting this when I found out about it but at least the official page did. Now, Right Now is in fact just played during the trailers for the movie U-Turn and does not appear in the movie or on the soundtrack.

10-2-97 (UPDATE TWO): Just received two bits of information from two regular contributors to BDR. The first bit is the web address for the venue at which the Reverend will be playing at New Year's Eve. That is http://www.galaxytheatre.com/. That should have the most up to date info on the show. Also, this coming from Ed Saad, during the commercial for the new movie U-Turn, the song Now, Right Now from "It's Martini Time" was playing. Very interesting.

10-2-97 : Just a quick note about a couple of live shows. The Rev is doing two shows on December 31st, New Years Eve, at 7:00 and 11:00pm at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. Thanks out to Tina (Rhhslngsht@aol.com) for this information (who has already purchased ticekts for both shows).

9-28-97 : Added yet another tab today for Generation Why. Also added some information regarding the optimal viewing of this page at the very bottom of the main page.

9-27-97 : Finally got the tabs for Big Sky and I Can't Surf up. Also, the official page reports that the Drew Carey show with the Rev. will air October 29th, and is entitled "That Thing You Don't".

9-26-97 : More info on the Drew Carey Show. Still no air date, but, apparently the Rev. portrays an old rival band of Drew Carey's High School Band (The Horn Dogs). The Rev.'s band is named "The Underprivileged" and you shuold hear at least half of one song, and possibly a full song during the ending credits. Also, production on the new album is set to begin next week. Thanks to Mike Scott for this information. Also, I will eventually get those tabs up... my apologies for my slacking.

9-23-97 : Apologies for not getting those tabs up, they will be up soon. However I felt I should post that The Rev. and gang have just finished taping an episode of the ABC sitcom The Drew Carey Show. It is scheduled to air toward the end of October. When I've got a definite date, you'll be the first too know.

9-15-97 : Small point of interest worth a mention. There is reportedly a new compilation album scheduled for release on Septmber 23rd that spotlights drum performances. Former soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and Taz Bentley (former Rev. drummer) on "Theme from the Wrong Holy-O". Other featured talents are former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna, Tim Alexander from Primus, and Dale Crover from the Melvins. This information was taken from the 9-14-97 posting on news.nin.net.

9-3-97 : Added a link to the Reverend's Filmogrophy at the Internet Movie Database to the main page.

8-29-97 : Hey everyone, sorry about the delay in updates, I've been getting acclimated to dorm life. Anyway, there really isn't all that much to report really, other than that the official page now has lyrics up for Smoke'em If You Got'em. And is it just me, or do they look extrmely familiar? I did give the Rev's cousin permission to use them, but he has failed to give B.D.R. credit for them, which wouldn't bother me if he had at least given the people who have supplied the lyrics to me credit. Oh yeah, and as I reported almost a month ago, the official page now says that the band will begin work on a new album (big surprise... right?) Thanks for keeping me informed everyone. Oh yeah, there is also an updated tab of Big Red Rocket of Love, and tabs for Slow and It's Martini Time now available.

8-15-97 : The date in L.A. is at a festival called Jet Jam on the 17th (Sunday), tickets are $15, and if you buy a Gillette product at Ralph's (not an endorsement mind you), you can use the receipt at teh Box office to get a "Buy two get one free" deal. Lastly, the Rev. is supposed to come on at 7:00pm. Thanks goes out to Jennevieve@aol.com for this extremely useful information.

8-5-97 : Pretty noteworthy update to report. On August 15th and 16th the Rev will be doing a show in Dallas at TREES in Deep Ellum. Then, the 17th the band will go to LA to do the earlier reported LA show. After these dates, work will begin on recording a new album. I'd like to extend a huge thanks to Jen (jcharles@dallasnews.com) for this info.

7-21-97 : First of all, as many of you probably already knew, the R.O.A.R. tour was not cancelled, they just continued without Iggy Pop. In other news, its reported that the band will be in Dallas for the next three months doing some recording. They will be doing a show sometime in mid-August in L.A. I'll report that info as soon as I get it. And last but not least, there has been another compilation album added to teh discography, as well as some visual improvements... in my opinion. Oh yeah, I corrected the link to "Reverb" below. Thanks to Ed Saad for pointing that out.

7-11-97 : Well, I'm back from vacation. Not too much news to report, other than I've recevied word that teh R.O.A.R. tour had been cancelled due to Iggy Pop breaking his shoulder, howver, I have also been unable to confirm this, so don't go panicking yet. I have also signed up with CD NOW, so that if you used my link at the bottom of the page to go there, and you order something, I get a litle bit of store credit. So, if you wanna help me get free stuff, by all means, go there. If you hate my guts, well go there anyway :). Lastly, i added a counter to the page, to further feed my ever burgeoning ego. (I'm not sure if i used "burgeoning" in a sentence correctly?)
One more thing for today. Special thanks to Jennifer Charles (jcharles@dallasnews.com) for letting me know about HBO's Reverb page. It contains 3 downloadable .MOV files from "I Can't Surf", "Big Red Rocket of Love", and "It's Martini Time". I'm working on checking them out now.

6-24-97 : Well, not much really to report, except that I will be on vacation and thus will not be able to update the pages for a couple weeks. However, if you do have some news, go ahead an mail me and I'll take care of it ASAP when I get back. I also wanted to point out that three days from today will mark the end of the first year of B.D.R.'s existence, and I wanted to thank everyone that has made it a success, and even sparked the creation of an official page. Great job everyone! Lastly, and i should have posted this almost a month ago, but according to Ed Saad "Psychobilly Freakout" is played in the background at one point in the movie "Bio Dome". Does anyone know if it appears on the soundtrack?

6-2-97 : Well, a few things to mention in Reverend Land. Added a picture to the pictures section, and will hopefully be adding some more soon. And more importantly, I received the next bit of info from Mr. Ed Saad (roideal@concentric.net)...

HBO's Comedy Hour with Drew Carey (Mr. Vegas' All-Night Party) features guest appearances by The Muffs, Reverend Horton Heat, Wayne Newton, and David Cassidy .. the special airs on June 28th and 30th ..

A lot of us probably already knew the Reverend would be on, but now we know when. Since I don't have HBO, I would greatly appreciate any reviews of this.

5-4-97 : Finally got some confirmation on the R.O.A.R. tour. It appears that the Reverend will be appearing (we may all rejoice now). No idea on the order of the bands playing, but the list includes, but is not limited to the Rev., Iggy Pop, Sponge, the Bloodhound Gang, and Linda Perry. For the most accurate information check out www.roartour.com. Funnily enough, their picture above the description of the Rev. is from the Liquor in the Front... era. For the listing of the cities the tour will be stopping in go to the tour section. One final bit of information regarding this (and bear in mind, this is in NO WAY and endorsement for the following product, or any tobacco products), in some magazines, SKOAL has a mail in offer for a "$5.00 tour ticket discount coupon".

5-2-97 : Well, the domain name for www.reverendhortonheat.com has been registered finally. I don't think the page is quite finished yet though, still all that is there is the catalogue. Also, regarding HOMICIDE, I read that you can see old re-runs in syndication on Lifetime at 10 pm CDT.

4-26-97 : Added Redneck Rampage to the discography. Also made a slight modification to it so you can jump straight to each category rather than having to scroll all the way through it. Also put some of the information on that episode of Homicide that the Rev. was in. That can also be found under the CMJ entry in the discography (point of question, would you prefer I put that in it's own entry in the discography?) Also a thanks to Tom Sobczak (tsobczak@poweruser.com) for contributing a header graphic. It's possible that he may contribute more to the page. Check out his page at http://www.digitalgods.com

4-25-97 : Sorry for the late update. I've been busy/sick and it's slowed me down a little. Anyway, there is a couple more pictures from the liner notes of Twisted Willie. And even more exciting, it seems that someone must have broken the release date of Redneck Rampage, so it may be in stores now. I should have a review of the game and the music on-line with all the pertinant info on it as soon as possible (in the next day or so). So you may wanna wait for that before you shell out the money for it.

4-12-97 : Made some minor lyrical corrections. Also added a tour date and finally got the picture header graphic done. For those of you who want to order Rev. merchandise but don't wanna wait for teh fan club to send you a catalogue, check out "The On-Line Catalogue" run by the Rev's cousin. While you're there you can check up on the progress of the official page. Lastly, thanks to Steph for the follow up article regarding the seizure of teh Rev's equipment. It is now also clickable down below.

4-10-97 : New info on the REDNECK RAMPAGE game, the Babbage's Etc. family of stores just got a promo tape that has some footage of the game. According to my brother, during the footage there is a different version of wiggle stick playing in the background. No traditional lyrics, just the Rev yelling "hey" or something to that effect every so often. Currently the street date for the game is April 28th. I know I can't wait!

4-1-97 : Just received word that in a few weeks most likely the OFFICIAL Reverend Horton Heat page will be in operation. Maintained by his cousin. I'll keep you posted as to the launch of the site when it draws nearer. Also, I've received confirmation on that article that said the Rev. was on an episode of Homicide. That info will be posted shortly when i become a little less busy. Probably within the next week.

3-26-97 : The Supersuckers released their latest album yesterday (thanks to steph for this info). It's called "Must've Been High" and has a country feel to it. Also features god ol' Willie Nelson. For those of you who don't know the Supersuckers have toured with the Rev a lot, and share a split single with him... check the discography for info on that. Speaking of which the discography will be updated slightly this weekend most likely. Check back if you care.

3-11-97 : Updated the discography and made some tiny lyric corrections. Also, the Interscope Records page is finally done. You can either click on it here or you can get to it from the main page. I must say I am satisfied with the Reverend Horton Heat Section (It's got a nice long "biography" that I am sure we've all read before) but they neglected to link to my page. They linked to the Sub-Pop page, and that "Shoofly Page"... sorry, I am just a little angry. I would appreciate it if all you regular visitors out there would aid me in mailng them to get this page added to the list. Rember the Alamo!

3-10-97 : Added link to new fan site to the main page. Also finally got the pictures section up!! Check it out and please let me know what you think. I'm aware that the title image doesn't come up, but I don't feel like making one right now. It will be there eventually.

3-9-97 : Added the stuff for the "Sub Pop webring" to the bottom of the main page. It's basically a way to make this site more accessable, along with making other sites that are members of the ring more accessable. You can find out more about the ring by clicking on the image that says "sub pop webring".

3-7-97 : Good news! The rev got his stuff back and was able to make the show in Springfield. Check here for the follow up article. Also, Interplay now has a page devoted to the game Redneck Rampage which will feature music by the Rev. Lastly, there's been to small updates to the discography and a tab for "Big Red Rocket Of Love".

3-6-97 : Well, it would appear there is some really bad news placing the rest of the Rev's current tour in question. Seems police from Boone County,Missouri confiscated "two hundred thousand dollars worth of musical equipment from controversial rock group THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT" (since when is the reverend considered 'controversial'?. Thanks to Lisa Weitzmann (lisalisa@gene.com) for breaking this news to me. For a full report on it check out The Columbia Daily Tribune on-line, or go straight to the article.

2-1-97 : How many people saw Star Wars yesterday? I saw it three times and I'm jazzed. Anyway, some pretty hefty additions have been made, mainly three new tabs, and a couple lyrics from "It's Martini Time". There's also been two videos added to the discography. Lastly, I've now got regular access to a scanner at school, so the "pictures" section may be up soon. May the force be with you.

1-27-97 : Great news for computer geeks/Reverend Horton Heat fans. Interplay is releasing a game using the Duke3D game engine entitled "Redneck Rampage", and according to the readme file that accompanies the demo, the release version will feature music by the likes of Mojo Nixon, and of course Reverend Horton Heat (why else would I mention it here?). No word on release as far as I know but I'll let you know right here. Also I've made some minor additions to the discography, and there's a new interview in the "interviews" section..

12-12-96 : If you're a returning visitor, you've noticed the new look by now. I hope you like it. Also, there's been a minor addition to the Discography.

10-13-96 : well i missed the reverends live internet broadcast. anybody catch it? its still available though (2 hours... whew!). New interview available courtesy of Pitchfork on-line magazine in the interviews section.

10-1-96 : Reverend to take part in live internet brodacast! click here for details! Also added another guitar tab.

6-27-96 : This page was created. The Reverend Horton Heats' next studio album entitled "It's Martini Time" is due out next month sometime. This info comes from my brother who saw posters promoting it at the Supersuckers/Reverend Horton Heat/Toadies/Butthole Surfers concert earlier this month, so it is probably at least 90% accurate.

Back to the current news.

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