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1-13-99: A late Happy New Year to all! No, I'm not dead, but I might as well have been. Luckily not a whole lot happened over my semester break in the land of RHH, but there are some things that deserve mentioning. First of all, as you've probably read other places, the band is heading back into the studio soon to begin a new album, one that, according to Jimbo, "Goes back to [their] roots." You may now start jumping up and down like idiots. Also, on a somewhat odd, but intriguing note, be on the look out for a new Tommy Hillfiger commercial featuring music by none other than RHH. That's really all for now, I do have a couple pictures, and an article or two, and the second round of Hall of Fame inductees to announce. With any luck you will see these within a week. My apologies for my laziness.

11-9-98: Added some more pictures courtesy of Scott Bairstow (shmitty@cnetech.com). They are scattered in various different sections of the picture gallery. Also, Andrew Snodgrass tracked down what song was on that video game Space Bunnies Must Die. Apparently it's going to be In Your Wildest Dreams off of Liquor in the front....

11-8-98: Well color me an idiot. It would seem that in all the time I've been spending on the new look of the site, I forgot to wish Jimbo a big Happy Birthday last Sunday (Nov. 2nd). So right now I would like to say a huge belated Happy Birthday! from everyone here at "Big Dwarf Rodeo". In other news, I added a couple of signed promotional pictures yesterday courtesy of Andrew Snodgrass (because he's the man) as well as four concert tickets from past RHH shows I've attended. Finally, the site redesign featuring a vastly improved links section, a much slicker interface, and maybe a couple more surprises should be done within the week (with only one or two very minor changes to follow that), so be sure to check out this page often. Take it easy.

10-30-98: I simply wanted to be the first to wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (okay, so its 45 minutes early... get over it.) Anyway, the real reason I am posting is because my brother served up a hot steaming dish of interesting RHH related news to me tonight. Here's the gist of his e-mail:

In the latest issue of PC GAMER magazine there's an ad in there for "Space Bunnies Must Die," and here's a blurb from the ad (as printed)- The official soundtrack available on Hip-O Records. Featuring such artists as: The Reverend Horton Heat, Loretta Lynn, Buddy Holly and more!"

Need I say more? I don't know anything else about this album as of yet, but once my brother, Andrew Snodgrass, or myself find out more, be sure it will be posted. In the meantime, for more info on the game itself for those of you interested check out http://www.spacebunnies.com.

10-27-98: Howdy all. Got a few updates worth mentioning today... First of all, there is an article over at MTV News online detailing the line up for the current RHH tour which will include The Flat Duo Jets and the Amazing Crowns. Also, there is a couple new pictures courtesy of Ed Saad and Andrew Snodgrass available in the Misc. pictures section. I will have a review of the recent show in Austin written by my brother up in the near future. And last but most certainly not least, the completely redesigned "Big Dwarf Rode" will be ready for mass consumption very soon, so be sure to check it out and absorb every little detail.

10-18-98: Well have I got a treat for you. Just added seven, count'em SEVEN new pictures to the misc. pictures section. This addition brings the total number of images on B.D.R. to 105 images. This is truly a monumental day. First some acknowledgements though. A big thanks goes out to Lupus from the Official Bloodhound Gang Web Site for letting me snag some candid images of The RHH with The Bloodhound Gang, they're absolutely a must see. Also, thanks to Andrew Snodgrass for bringing those to my attention, as well as another image. And an enormous thanks to Jimbo for the Bocktoberfest Tickets. Hopefully, I should have a concert review or two, as well as some more images by the end of the day.

10-11-98: Sorry for the delay in posting, but really there isn't a whole lot going on it RHH land as of late. First order of business is the gang is appearing on a new compilation titled "Halloween Hootenanny" coming out this tuesday (Oct. 13th). The album also features artists such as Rob Zombie, Rocket From the Crypt, Amazing Crowns, and Lose Straitjackets. Click here to hear a Realaudio sample of the new Rev. song Halloween Dance (courtesy of CDNOW). I also plan on having some new (hilarious) photos up soon and I'll let you know when that happens as always. Finally, I haven't received much feedback on my survey, so those of you who haven't checked it out yet, if you could take a few moments to mail me your response, I would greatly benefit from your input. Thank you.

9-26-98: BOYCOTT UPS!!! That said, this is your usual psychobilly-webmaster thew Matt Wetzler back at the helm. It's great to be back on "the net." This morning I cooked up the first ever "B.D.R. e-mail survey." I would like as many of you as possible to go there and e-mail me the answers the questions listed on the page (it's got an explanation). This survey is highly important to me. Also, if you got the the articles section, you can read a good interview with Jimbo (with some excellent pictures) over at http://members.xoom.com/indiepress. And finally, there is a page devoted to this years Bocktoberfest in Shiner, TX.

9-24-98: Two more morsels to chew on. First, Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@home.com) sent up a scan of the 4th & B concert poster from the Sept. 20th show. It's nifty, and it's in the Pictures/Promo section. Second, I've gotten confirmation of a Swedish tour date for the group. October 21st, Lund, Sweden. Thanks to Don Tomaso (in Sweden) for that one. -jwetzler

9-23-98: Two bits of information. First, Matt's newly rebuilt system has been shipped off to him, and should get there somewhere between Friday and Monday. In the meantime, keep sending updates my direction. Second, I got this interesting piece of information from my brother:

From now through October 1st at 12:00 PM EST, anyone who comes to CDnow through [the BDR] will automatically get $5.00 off their purchase. This discount will be on top of the savings of up to 30% they'll find at the store wide sale going on right now!

So, if you've been itchin' to order that new album (or even an old one), get over there now, because, as the good lord said, it just doesn't get any better than this! -jwetzler

9-13-98: Matt Rodriguez (xvxenovx@aol.com) sends up a tablature for Starlight Lounge. Let me be the first to say "beefy!" -jwetzler

9-12-98: More info from Andrew. The San Diego show (at 4th & B) is 21 & Up. Also, five overseas tour dates have been added. So, people over in Europe, get ready to freak out, psychobilly style! -jwetzler

9-6-98: Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@home.com) sent word of an interview on MTV.com, asking various bands "how they felt about the state of Rock 'n' Roll." Scott and Jimbo were among the interviewed (more technically, Jimbo interviewed Scott). Check it out here. It's pretty funny. If you'd like to see what other bands said, check out this link. -jwetzler

8-24-98: A slew of new tour dates are up, direct from Pollstar. Thanks to Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@home.com) for pointing me in their direction. He's just been excellent with the info, so drop him a line of thanks, would you? -jwetzler

8-23-98: Added 15 more pictures to the live pictures section. Thanks go out to Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@home.com) for these. He's going to send me even more in the next few days. They're all from the Hard Rock Cafe's Grand Opening in San Diego. It's interesting, because this show was the same day as the Warped Tour show here in Austin, where Matt got his picture taken with Jimbo. Now that's dedication!

UPDATE TWO: Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@home.com) has informed me of a new location to his Space Heater background (in the Misc. Pics section). The new address is here, as well as updated in the pictures section. -jwetzler

8-22-98: Greetings, disciples of the good Rev. John here, bearing BAD news. I will be maintaining this site for a while, because, during shipment of Matt's computer to Illinois, UPS decided to play kick ball with it. It's beyond functioning at the moment, so all e-mails should be sent to me for the time being. We'll let you know when order's been restored. Yes, it does suck. Also, there's apparently a new URL for the discography. And here you go: http://revho.interspeed.net/. As always, this opens in a new browser window. -jwetzler

8-14-98: Get your VCRs ready for 120 Minutes on sunday night (8/16). According to a release from MTV, the video for Lie Detector will be played during the show. Chances are it will be at the end (with my luck) but it should be played (MTV has given incorrect information regarding videos to be aired before, but hopefully this is correct.) Big thanks out to Ed Saad (roideal@pop3.concentric.net) for this bit of info. Finally, here is a picture of yours truly with Jimbo from the August 9th Warped Tour show in Austin, TX. One more pretty important thing. B.D.R. is moving very very soon. The new URL is already functional but I'm still making sure the transition went smoothly. Until that time I will leave the entire site here, and then place a page that points you to the new site at http://www.mocksonkey.com/bdr/. Hopefully this new URL is easier to remember as it is much shorter then the current one. If you maintain a page that links to BDR, please update your links.

8-10-98: I put up my own account of yesterday's culmination of the 1998 Vans Warped Tour. As well as yet another picture added to the "misc" section. I also met Jimbo yesterday at the show and will in the relatively near future have a picture up of that meeting. Until next post.. take care all.

8-8-98: HowdyHowdyHowdy! The RHH's stint on the Warped Tour comes to a close this weekend. The band then heads to San Diego from Austin tomorrow for an "Outdoor Festival" there. Then they will head home and get some much deserved rest. In other tour news, I've received word that on November 6th the Rev. and company will be in Baton Rouge, LA at the Varsity Theatre. I have also added yet another picture to the "promo" section sent by the ever gracious Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@home.com).

8-6-98: Added a few pictures under the "misc" and "promo" sections of pictures (where else). Also, I should let you know that the video for Lie Detector is now finished and you should make a point to call and/or e-mail the lame asses at eMpTyV until they play it over and over ad nauseum. Also, as a side note, I will be attending the August 9th Warped show at Southpark Meadows in Austin, TX. If you're going to be there and you happen to see a 6'2" blonde guy wearing a Reverend Horton Heat "work shirt" over a white EIU swimming shirt, tap me on the shoulder and say "hey."

7-25-98: I wish I could have gotten this to you sooner, but I just found out about it last night.

Hootenanny Contest and Cybercast
Tuesday July 28, 8P.M. EDT


If you missed the annual Fourth of July Hootenanny concert check back with us on July 28 at 8 p.m. Eastern (some sets to stay up 'til July 29) for a webcast of the show featuring the Cramps, the Supersuckers, Lee Rocker, and Reverend Horton Heat. Meanwhile, enter our sweepstakes to be one of five people to win a Hootenanny t-shirt and poster plus a Lee Rocker t-shirt, signed photo, and a Lee Rocker mini-poster.

Big thanks to Reina (MUSICNEWS@prodigy.net) for getting this info to me. You may need to download a plug-in in able to watch the webcast.

7-19-98: Just wanted to mention I've added an extremely swanky concert poster to the pictures section under "misc." It's a silk screened poster done by Emek (emek@pacificnet.net), and I highly suggest checking it out.
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