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6-17-99: Due to technical difficulties B.D.R. is proud to present the Official tour dates for the coming month of July. More updates will come in the near future.

5-27-99: First of all GO SEE STAR WARS! I've seen it three times, and if that makes me a geek (like having my own web page didn't already do that) then so be it! :). Anyway, the Tucson, AZ concert date has changed (below). Also, many of you have been mailing me, and probably haven't gotten a response. My current dial-in situation is kind of strange, so I promise I am not ignoring anyone... currently sending mail out is a total crap-shoot unfortunately, however I am receiving mail no problem whatsoever.

5-16-99: Greetings from Texas! If you hadn't guessed I am now back in the large state of Texas after my most recent stint in the cold state of Illinois. Got one important announcement to make, and that is the RHH's involvement in this year's July 3rd Hootenanny festival in Irvine, CA has been confirmed. So if tickets are still available, it would be a wise decision to run out and pick some up. Also, a thanks goes out to Jennifer Charles (jcharles@dallasnews.com) for sending in the first known review of Holy Roller. Also, due to the fact I am transferring to Southwest Texas State University, my previous e-mail (courtesy of Eastern Illinois) will no longer be active in the near future. My new e-mail address is thew@mocksonkey.com. All of the "mailto's" on these pages should be updated, but I may have missed one or two. Some more shows have been announced, although the band is still not on an official tour:

5-29 - Spring, TX     Woodlands Pavilion
5-30 - Ft. Worth, TX  Ft. Worth Stock Yards
6-2  - Tucson, AZ     Club Congress
7-3  - Irvine, CA     Hootenanny Festival
And one final unrelated note, I wouldn't expect any updates from this coming Thursday and through the weekend. I will be busy seeing Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as many times as possible.

4-26-99: Not really any news to report (although I would like to mention that Hootennany will take place in Irvine, CA, NOT Sacramento. Still no confirmation on the RHH's involvement. This post was mainly to mention the new section that can be found under links containing links to artists that are in some way, shape, or form linked to RHH. I sorta ripped this idea off from Andrew Snodgrass at the Discog. and Chad Hetterley over at Martini Time.

4-22-99: Just wanted to let you all know that Holy Roller is now out in stores. I highly recommend picking it up. It's really a great compilation even if you have all the albums, and especially if you don't. So on that note I've added an additional lyrics section for Holy Roller in (DUH!) the lyrics section. Also, and I can't remember if i mentioned this before, but if you check out the Drew Barrymore movie Home Fries which is now out on video, you will hear a bit of The Devil's Chasin' Me from Full Custom Gospel Sounds of.... Thanks goes out to Kurt Czech (kurtczech@yahoo.com) for that piece of info.

4-18-99: Howdy-ho neighbors. Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@home.com) brings news regarding this years Hootenanny Festival in California (Sacramento?). The current rumored bands to be taking part are Rocket From The Crypt, Royal Crown Revue, fellow Time Bomber Mike Ness, Lee Rocker, and of course Reverend Horton Heat (why else would I mention this?) Again, this is just a rumor but appears to be relatively solid as Rocket From The Crypt has confirmed it. I will let you know more once I myself find out. Also, don't forget Holy Roller comes out this Tuesday, that being the Sub-Pop RHH collaboration with tracks from all previous albums and two previously unreleased covers. Finally, simply as a point of interest, the other weekend I saw the Indianapolis band Big MF Stick perform live, and the guitarist was wearing a Reverend Horton Heat shirt. If you're in the Indianapolis area, and like Korn or Limp Bizkit check them out.

4-10-99: Hey, a big happy birthday needs to go out to my brother who never fails to take over for me when I am forced into hiatus in maintaining this site, wish him a happy birthday. Now in actual news, for those of you who were wondering where Taz was while the guys were backing up Mike Ness at SXSW, he was hanging out with the Supersuckers also at SXSW and helped them out on a fly rendition of the song Caliente. Thanks goes out to Joey Kendall (safety_seat@yahoo.com) for that little tenderloin of info (heh heh). Anyway, a few more live shows have been mentioned, but as it is still not any kind of tour by any means, I'll mention them here...

April 17th - Fry Street Fair - Denton, TX
April 23rd - The Howling Wolf - New Orleans, LA
May 13th - Riverfest - Wichita, KS
May 14th - Mississippi Nights - St. Louis, MO
May 15th - City Market - Kansas City, MO

3-21-99: Now that I am back from spring break I have a bountiful supply of news to mention. Last week I received the official press release from Time Bomb Recordings regarding the band's signing with them. Click here to check that out. Also, and I truly apologize for not posting this when it may have been relevant to many of you, but on thursday of last week (the 18th) Reverend Horton Heat played back-up to fellow Time Bomb artist Mike Ness (lead singer of Social Distortion) who was in Austin at the SXSW Music Festival in support of his upcoming solo album. Finally, Andrew Snodgrass has served up a bevy of additions to the Discography, so head on over there to make sure you don't miss any RHH albums.

One Last second addition! CDNOW is now offering advance orders for Sub-Pop's RHH compilation entitled Holy Roller. Click here to go to the RHH section of CDNOW and order yours.

3-8-99: Apparently the show tomorrow night in Las vegas has been cancelled. Sorry about getting anyone's hopes up. But much more importantly I've received word from Mike Smith at Time Bomb Recordings that the band has officially signed, and the first album with the new label will be released in August. Five months and counting...

3-5-99: The band is still not on any kind of official tour, but a couple dates have been announced in the near future.

March 9th - The Joint - Las Vegas, NV
April 17th - Fry Street Fair - Denton, TX

Also, the name of the record label that the band has started up has been announced, it's named Fun-Guy Records, and it is on this label that the upcoming vinyl 45 will be released.

3-3-99: Found out more info on that 1999 Mazda Miata commercial. It is in fact the guys playing the music, and Jim Heath did in fact record the revised lyrics for the song Big Red Rocket of Love. I am very impressed by whoever is doing Mazda's advertising campaign.

3-1-99: Welcome to March everyone! This isn't really too much, but I wanted to let you all know to keep an eye out for the latest commercial for the 1999 Mazda Miata. Said commercial features a slightly altered version of Big Red Rocket of Love. With any luck I will be able to transcribe the slight lyrical changes (to coincide with the Miata, as opposed to the car in the original song). I'm not quite sure if Mazda actually got Jim Heath to rerecord the words, or if they just did fancy audio editing, I'll do my best to find out. It's funny, but I suddenly got the urge to rush out and buy a Miata?

2-28-99: It is my pleasure to announce a surprising addition to the discography today brought to our attention by Erik Carlson (bomber@sd.cybernex.net). It would appear Sub-Pop has dropped a surprise on us all by planning on the April 20th release of a Reverend Horton Heat compilation album entitled Holy Roller. It includes 24 tracks surprisingly from all RHH albums (including the Interscope releases) and two as of yet unreleased songs! For more information (track listing, etc.) head on over to the discography.

2-16-99: Made some important corrections to my post on 1-29-99. They are also in conjunction with the fact that the band has not yet officially signed with Time Bomb recordings, but it's expected sometime in the following weeks, so keep a look out. Also, I'm going to try to make some updates to the reading section. A loyal reader has pointed out some dead links. I'm going to attempt to nab the interviews that no longer exist, and re link the Pitchfork ones (Pitchfork has been reworked, so the URLs have changed).

2-12-99: Anyone see MTV's BIOrhythm on George Michael? They use Slingshot off of It's Martini Time as the backing music for when "George starts getting invited to clubs and parties for the first time." So they DO play Reverend Horton Heat on MTV!

1-29-99: Well, I've got a plethora of updates for you all. First off, there are a couple more pictures, and likely a handful of new articles (depending on the last time you checked out the reading section). All worth your perusal I assure you. Also, if any of you have seen the movie Varsity Blues (and judging by the amount of money it's grossed many of you have) the song "Pride of San Jacinto" can be heard I believe during the scene when the dumb jocks are driving around in the police car.

Now this next bit of info pertains to the recent merger between Polygram and Universal, the two huge musical conglomerate. Basically, Polygram is the company that oversees such labels as Interscope, Island, etc. There's been numerous articles on various music sites explaining how the whole deal went down and what all the details are, and if I can find archived versions, I will link to them. Basically, this merger left lots of bands out in the cold as far as a record label goes. Reverend Horton Heat as we all know was on the Interscope label. However RHH was not simply dropped from Interscope. It was a mutual decision with the band members and Interscope to change labels. They will most likely within the next few months be signing with Time Bomb Recordings headed by Jim Guerinot. Guerinot was the General Manager at A&M Records and is the manager for No Doubt, Social Distortion, Chris Cornell, and The Offspring.

Also, and this is old news, but I've never gotten around to posting it. The band will release a few songs on a 7" Vinyl on their own label, so keep an eye out.
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