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2-28-98 : Well, SPACEHEATER tour dates are being added almost daily now, so you should probably check out the tour section to see if the Rev. will be playing in your backyard. Not all the dates have been announced yet though, so don't panic if you don't see the gang anwhere near you. Secondly, an even bigger announcement maybe, is that CDNOW is offering pre-orders of SPACEHEATER as we speak. So I suggest you surf on over there and check it out.

2-25-98 : Since my last posting I have heard the first single from the new album Lie Detector. Big thanks to Jeff Weatherford, webmaster of the official page, for this oppurtunity. I must say in my opinion it is a very good choice for single and if this song doesn't get the Rev. some measureable amount of radio play I don't know what will. I think we are all in for a treat next month when SPACEHEATER is released. Also, once SPACEHEATER is released you can expect a entirely new formatted lyric section, one that I will hopefully be proud of. I have never liked my intial layout which is still represented. The Dsicography too will receive a face lift but I'm far less inspired to fix that up right now :). Oh yeah, almost forgot but the Brothers Snodgrass have made available another page of one of a kind pictures from the Jet Jam show last year in LA. You can also get there from the pictures section.

2-18-98 : A couple smaller additions and one phat one. First of all, I have added two things to the pictures section under misc. A link to a site with more Rev. posters/flyers, as well as a picture of Scott and Jimbo with Little Richard courtesy of jen (jcharles@dallasnew.com) that you will want to check out. Lastly, and I don't have time to add this to the SPACEHEATER info page, but the final mastering of said album has just been sent off, and the song Baby I'm Drunk is in fact going to be on the album. Joy and rapture. Until next time, take care!

2-12-98 : Added a link to an old review in the concert reviews section, thanks to Ed Saad for finding that. I'd like to thank John McKinney (jMcKinne@law.tulane.edu) and Jason Nichols (sunking@med.unc.edu) for pointing out the new tour dates, so those are now up. Also some of the info I posted a week ago has now been posted on the Official page, so you can go to my SPACEHEATER info page to read all that.

2-11-98 : Thanks to Ed Saad (roideal@pop3.concentric.net) again for some more links and pictures. He found some old flyers that are now up in the "Misc" section of pictures. Also, he contributed some links and a small blurb to the Interviews section. As did Andrew Snodgrass (asnod@owl.csusm.edu) who dug up a lengthy Rolling Stone article from 1994. Great job guys!

2-10-98 : Thanks to Ed Saad (roideal@pop3.concentric.net) for diggiung up an old photo from Rolling Stone. That is now up in the pictures section. Also, another thanks to Erik Moberg (marigold@cloudnet.com) who has informed me that the poster that has no origin in the Misc. pictures section is in fact from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. I also did some final tweaking on the layoutof the pictures section. I think it's much easier on the eyes now (thanks Steph!). Finally, an addendum to those "mailto" links I altered. Forgot to mention that you can add whatever you want after the subject that it places in the mail. I just need what is already there to filter them properly. Anything placed after that would in fact help me know what is what (especially for the "general" mailto link. Thanks everyone.

2-8-98 : Jordan Snodgrass (jasnodgr@ucsd.edu) has put up a page with photos of the New Years Eve show. They are of impeccable quality and are a must see. You can also get there via the Pictures section. I have also tweaked all of the "mailto" lnks throughout this site to automatically place a subject line in a mail when you wish to send me an e-mail. I ask that you not alter this subject line unless the mail is of a personal nature. What this allows me to do is better organize incoming mails and repsond to them with the proper urgency. There are links for Discography related mails, Lyric/Tab related mails, and just general mails regarding the Rev. and crew.

2-6-98 : Totally revamped the picture section. The new interface will hopefully make it somewhat easier to find new additions. Also found out that Scott also uses Gretsch Instruments so the link I added yesterday does double duty. Although as the Rev. says, it doesn't really matter what you play, it matters more what's inside the musician, and I couldn't agree more. Lastly, turns out that Baby I'm Drunk WILL NOT be on the new album SPACEHEATER. At least at this point in time.

2-5-98 : Sorry for the delay folks, but I am once again able to update the page. Hopefully the new power supply won't die on me as well. Anyway, we now have a slew of four new pictures thanks to Scottie B and one courtesy of Rodeo Records, so check out the pictures section. Also, I have added a couple links to the main page recently. Most noteably a link to Gretsch Musical Instruments. That's the type of guitar the Rev. uses (or at least used at one time). They've got a nifty picutre of the Rev. flailing away. That's all for now...

2-2-98 : Okay. "Brother Man" John here on behalf of Matt. The power supply on his system is wacked. So, he can only use his computer for short periods at a time. Thus, he won't be doing any major updates until the problem is remedied (hopefully before this weekend). Matt says that he's got a few pictures and some links to put up, most likely by the end of the week. -jw

1-29-98 : Did some more fine-tuning on the information for Space Heater, as well as added a slew of new stuff on it (but not confirmed information). Also, found a page with information on producer Ed Stasium, it is in fact his own homepage, and he even links to BDR! So mosey on over there, there's a great picture of the the Rev, Jimbo, and Scott too. Lastly, added a new picture to the pictures. It's a poster from some show out of some magazine, if you know where it's from, please let me know.

1-28-98 : Now have a complete track listing for Space Heater up on the New Album Info page. Enjoy.

1-27-98 : Be sure to check out a new section I've added to the main page. It should be pretty obvious, but I've set up a page dedicated to information on the new album. All information from now on will be posted there. Remember you read it here on BDR first :).

1-22-98 : Added another concert review recently courtesy of Scottie B (shmitty@cnetech.com). Also moved the 'Concert Reviews' link to the 'tour' page to make the side frame more lower resolution freindly. Lastly, added a link to Crystal Clear Sound, which is where "Liquor in the Front..." and part of "It's Martini Time" were recorded.

1-16-98 : Word has it that the show in Omaha Nebraska on February 1st has been changed to 21 & over. Thanks to CaNaiLLeX (CaNaiLLeX@aol.com) for this info.

1-14-98 : I've got some new info on the forthcoming album, as well as some more pictures for your perusal. The pictures are from the studio during the recording of the new album, including one of the producer Ed Stasium, who also produced many of The Ramones albums. Thanks to Jen for both the pictures and the info on Ed Stasium.

1-13-98 : Added five new pictures to the pictures section since the 10th. Three sort of random pictures, and two very good ones from the New Years Eve 10pm show taken by Scottie B. Also, have a review up from that same show and corrected some lyrics on albumIt's Martini Time. Also appended the HOF with my brother, because after all, if it weren't for his kindness to let me use his reliable disk space, BDR wouldn't be nearly as good. Thanks bro!

1-10-98 : 'thew' Matt back at the helm. Be sure to thank my ass-kickin' brother for maintaining BDR over the last few weeks. He is beyond being on the Hall of Fame. And now I must deal with the back-log of e-mails. Of course, having a back-log is better then not having one. In my absence I have received two reviews from the New Years Eve concerts as well as some forthcoming photo submissions. Hopefully within the coming month I will have more Jet Jam photos, three random color live photos, and a gluttony of photos from the New Years Eve show (depending on how they turned out). And even some surprise photos (time permitting). I've got some lyrical corrections as well, but those are minor as always. I must apologize ahead of time however because due to a mildly serious neck injury, I'm unable to spend too much time at the computer without soreness, and I will also be making periodic visits to the Dr. until it gets better. So please bear with me in terms of updates. I will try to get the above mentioned updates done by tomorrow evening. And one last note, the release of the new album is slated for either March 23rd or 24th as stated at the New Years Eve shows in LA.

1-6-98 : Okie dokie. Some February tour dates are up now. -jw

12-29-97 : Happy soon-to-be 1998, everybody! John comin' back at ya with some tour dates. They're over on the Tour Dates page. Came in today, from one of our many wonderful sources. I'm also told that some February dates should be available soon. -jw

12-23-97 : John "das Man" here again. Just letting you know that I got bored, and fixed a bunch of typos (primarily in the archives section). Thanks to Steph Lanyo for bringing my attention to "discography" (that is the proper spelling, right? I'm just too damn lazy to get up and check a dictionary. If anybody finds more errors, please let me know.

Also, the CS department here is going to be updating some stuff tomorrow, the 24th. It shouldn't affect this server, but you never know. So, if this page ain't here in the morning, just wait a few hours. -jw

12-22-97 : Hey hey, all you fellow disciples! Matt's brother John here. Not too much info. Just really passing on some stuff I found out at the concert, and fixing some typos that were bugging me (and seeing how many more I can make). I've posted my review of the Rev's Dec. 19th concert over on the Review Page. About half the show was new material (6-7 songs, I'd guess). And, Mr. Heath said that the new album should be available in March. Of course, we all know how the record companies are... If anybody else was at the show, send me your recollections, since I've already forgotten some of the show, and some details are sketchy. -jw

12-18-97 : My brother the martyr. Being the stud that he is, my brother has offered to maintain the 'news' section of B.D.R. while I am away. So, if you come across any information of the type that normally is posted on this site, be sure to mail him and it will get posted with the timeliness that you're used to. However, if you have contributions that you think I may want, mail me to make sure that I want/have room for it. Thanks everyone, and Happy Holidays!

12-17-97 : Okay, nothing too spectacular to write about. Just that the B.D.R. Hall of Fame has received it's first inductees. Along with a completely new look to the contributors page. Be sure to read the explanation of what exactly the Hall of Fame is. On a final note. I will be out of touch for roughly a month. So needless to say, there won't be any updates until at least January 11th. So until then, hope everyone has a great holiday season, and a Happy New Year!

12-8-97 : Small update. Added two pictures taken by Jordan Snodgrass (jasnodgr@ucsd.edu) to the pictures section. They are most impressive, and I suggest checking them out. They're from the Jet Jam show earlier this year. Expect more coming soon. There is also an additional capture from the Drew Carey episode. I hope to have some big surprises coming soon, so stay tuned for those. Lastly, coming Dec. 17th, the BDR Hall of Fame. My way of recognizing the contributors who have gon far above and beyond the call of duty.
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