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The Reverend Horton Heat
5 Points Music Hall - Birmingham, AL - December 1, 2001
Written by Ed Saad

I just came from the rev show here in b'ham, al at the 5 points south music hall show, and I thought I would type a review. well, first I met jimbo before they took the stage, and he was super cool! I told him I was pumped up to hear the rev, and that i hadn't seen the rev live since '93 at the masquerade in atlanta. he said thanks for coming to the show, and i mentioned you and big dwarf rodeo! he knew you, and i told him i was an old school contributor! i told him to get on there, and he would see my name, ed saad. I asked him if they were going to play caliente, and he said we're going to play alot of old stuff and some new stuff off their new album which comes out in the spring! then he shook my hand, and singed my ticket stub. he rocks! now on to the show.

Man, that was one of the best shows i have been to in a long time. they sounded awesome, and they played all the hits! here is what they played, but not in order:

I'm mad, psychobilly freakout, marijuana, wiggle stick, 400 bucks, bales of cocaine, the devil's chasing me, nurture my pig, (big sky, baddest of the bad, five-o-ford-first 3 songs of the evening), I can't surf, big red rocket of love, it's martini time, jimbo song, big d boogie woogie, the party in your head(one of my favs!), and 5 new songs! one of them was called galaxy 500, another was called loco gringo's, one was an instrumental and 2 other songs. the new stuff rocks! I can't wait for the new album. they didn't give an album title.

I loved every minute of it. well worth the $12. on i can't surf jimbo jumped on his bass like it was a surfboard. the rev jumped on jimbo's bass a couple times, during the show. scott played a bad ass drum solo on the long version of big red rocket of love(last song). it ruled! i also liked it when the rev was introducing/talking about jimbo and scott and jimbo talked about the rev. at the end of the show, jimbo was shaking hands of the fans, and i got to shake his hand again.

I couldn't afford to get a shirt, and they had some cool ones! however, i did get 2 rev stickers! they also had some rev. playing cards. that's too cool.

If anybody was at the show, e-mail. Tell me what you thought. I need to get to bed. It's 2:40 am.

P.S. - I forgot to tell you that i was right up front by the barricade, and the rev was playing his guitar in front of me. it ruled! he played a 2 hour set. the show started late. dash rip rock opened up, and they were supposed to start at 9pm, but they didn't play till 10. then the rev came on a little before 11pm and played till a little after 1pm. awesome show!!!! I just remembered I shook jimbo's hand 3x. one when I walked up to him, again after he singed my tix and at the very end of the show. he was really nice. [Also, Jim] came out wearing a black hat, then he set that down on his amp. he was also wearing a black shirt, black col. sanders neck tie like on smoke...., black jacket and pants with flames and white shoes. he looked sharp. he had like pink tie looking thing around his neck i guess like a reverend wears.

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