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I'm Mad

You stay out, baby,
All night long
Wonder why I'm mad

You leave without a sign
Ask me why I'm sad
Why, get your stuff together 'cause I ain't gonna be your dad

I've had it up to here
I'm mad!
I'm mad!

When I work, baby, you flirt around acting all so bad
You think I'm dumb enough to buy that line
You think you got me had
Well, I ain't that dumb and, baby, you ain't that bad.

I've had it up to here
I'm mad!
I'm mad!

You say I'm crazy, crazy, crazy crazy crazy crazy!
At least I got some part-time job
At least I'm not so lazy lazy
It's been a long time coming and a crazy long time that I've had

I've had it up to here
I'm mad!

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