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An Animation by David Moss

"Liquor, Beer & Wine is a flashing sign I see... The first time I heard this song by the 'Reverend Horton Heat' it put so many ideas into my head that I decided to animate a video for it. A year later and I am now finished. It hasn't actually taken me a year to make it, it's just that I keep gettind side tracked."

-- David Moss

David Moss is 25 years old and a 3D Computer graphics artist based in London, England where he lives with his girlfriend Leila (Internet Author). For the past 5 years he's had work creating graphics for computer games including Alien Odyssey, and Alien Resurrection. He even has a small game sequence in the Alien Resurrection film.

Download the 160x120 Mpeg
(7.5 meg .zip file)

Please pay a visit to David's "Room X" for extensive background information and still images from Liquor, Beer, and Wine, as well as even more animated works.

Special thanks to David Moss for his submission.

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