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Reverend Horton Heat - Space Heater
Album Review witten by Matthew Woelk

I bought Space Heater today, and I figured that I would give you my take on the songs.  Yes the record improves with repeated listening, but it's not as good as Martini Time.  The record suffers from schizophrenia, between modern rock and rock-a-billy.  This schizophrenia was present in Martini Time and Liquor In The Front, but for some reason on those albums I wasn't bothered by it.

1) Pride of San Jacinto - Well Jimbo wrote it, and that's cool, but to me it's just a little stale.
2) Lie Detector - I can't believe they made this their first single.
3) Hello Mrs. - Pretty cool, dark chords of the guitar, suitably swank when he speaks.
4) Jimbo - Cheesy, but cool.
5) Rev Under Foot - I don't think this style suits the band very well.
6) Starlight Lounge - My favorite song, has a quirky feel to it, reminds me of Sebadoh for some reason.
7) Goin' Manic - Um, Hmmmm, I don't think I like this one.
8) Mi Amor - This song is pretty enjoyable.
9) For Never More - Not enough fanny-wax
10) The Prophet Stomp - Kicks ASS!!! Most well named song on the album!!! When listening to this song, I can clearly imagine some barefoot preacher jumpin' around, stompin' on the dirt, and kickin' up pine needles.
11) Native Tongue - Not really into this song.
12) Couch Surfin' - Funny song, but the music is lacking something.
13) Cinco De Mayo - Miracle Whip.
14) Rebel - Ummm, don't like it.
15) Baby I'm Drunk - I all about this song...UHHHHHHHHH!!!!
16) Space Heater - It's not bad, but it ain't chicken though.
17) Snore - Should have woken up and said "What the....where's my pants!!!"

- Matthew Woelk (chicken@sock-mokney.com)

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