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Spend A Night In The Box
Album Review witten by Buzz Morison

Rockabilly revivalists often fall into two camps, having either maximum chops or total-greaser attitude, but rarely both. Reverend Horton Heat has both in spades, from his rhinestone-encrusted zoot suits to his spinning, twangy licks to his hot-shot trio's high-test, high-speed delivery. Spend the Night in the Box (a reference to the 1967 man's-man movie Cool Hand Luke) is Heat's seventh album, and producer Paul Leary, guitarist in Texas legends the Butthole Surfers, simply turned the trio loose in the studio, letting Heat's 14 all-original songs ricochet around the walls like cell-bound juvenile delinquents. Heat has never been wittier and more concise than on gems like "Sue Jack Daniels" and "King," which would be the perfect theme song for Comedy Central's Man Show. The Revs guitar playing is controlled yet wild, like slicked back hair that's too long, but the real captain of this ship is drummer Scott Churilla, a slamming dervish whose stick-twirling mastery of hip-shaking rhythms explodes these tracks right out of the box.

Rating - 9

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