Reverend Horton Heat Concert Review

Reverend Horton Heat

Hi matt, now i'm not a sinner any more i saw rhh yesterday in lund and it
feels very good. he started out a little slow probably because he was a
little nervous, then after kicking my friends butt of the stage he came on
very strong. i dont no what to write but you now what it feels like when
you seen somthing very good. so i just say; i saw rhh and im going straight
to hell. he was very well dressed black suit with red flames on sleeves,
back and legs thats a very big plus. jimbo is a hell of a bass player he
played with very high speed the whole concert he really was what it says on
the back of his bass, "psycho". he played 1h 30min it felt like 30min but
some good beer and a gin and tonic every thing was satisfactory and i got
hasta la vista from don tomaso