Reverend Horton Heat Concert Review

Reverend Horton Heat with "Let's Go Bowling"

The Catalyst, Santa Cruz California, January 17, 1998
By Scott Bairstow (

Just got back from the show in Santa Cruz,,,,What a wild show..."Let's go bowling" opened for the RHH at the Catalyst...This Ska band is from a town I live by so I thought it was nice to see the local boys make it,,,Nice show, but my antcipation ran wild for the RHH..."Let's go bowling" had a special guest join them on stage....some guy from the "Specials" I guess this is another Ska band.....anyways...this guy played a song called "Simmer-down" nice song, but is this band gonna get off this frickin stage..."Let's go Reverend" seemed to be on the crowds faces...Well well, it is about time....The Rev started of with your basic instrumental every so now and then chanting "who....ha" something to that effect....Then they rolled right into the good 'ol J-I-M-B-O song...that darn nature boy was going crazy..Of course the Rev played and talked about the new album coming out in March,,,wow what a treat. The Rev even told the crowd that he too,,,had a special guest...who could it be?????? The Rev then followed with some more songs and you should look for a song on the next album...entitled.."Cinco de Mayo" don't know if you already new that but just in case,,,,...Well it was time for the special guest,,,the crowd waited in anticipation..and none other did Mike Ness...of "Social Distortion" walk on the crowd went wild,,,,...Mike played the Rev's other guitar while the RHH waited patiently for Mike to begin playing...The RHH joined in and it was all over from looked as if they had been playnig together for years...I believe he played a song by Johny Cash...not to sure on this one so don't quote me on it...It was a good song , but unfortunaetly I did'nt get a picture of this because I was warned that no flashes were allowed...."Luckily I already snapped about 12 shots before they said anything,,,,I will send pictures when developed,," anyways they continued to play way into the night,,,Several fans were trying to get on-stage but what an excellent roadie they have,,well almost..the roadie had his bacguitar...this guy proceeded slowly up on-stage and I guess the Rev. wasnt going to wait anymore for the roadie so all of the sudden the Rev stopped playing the guitar and grabbed the guys ponytail...the Rev yanked on his hair and the crwod yanked on the fan...After about 4-5 seconds the Rev let go and then the fan went back into the audience....I didnt know the Rev had it in 'em...after the ordeal Jimbo just shook his head and smiled...too funny too funny..Well what a highlight.... all in all an excellent show...I believe it almost went for about 2 hours,,,,Jimbo was very surprised at this Santa Cruz town..He said"We have been on the road for about 2 months now and this is by far the wildest crowd I have ever seen"....the Santa Cruz crowd went wild!!!!!!........WOW what a treat,,,,after the show I talked to Jimbo..I introduced myself and told him that I had a 10" record of "Smoke 'em if you got 'em" He was greatly surprised because he only has 2 of them himself and he was pissed because his dog chewed up the other one,,,too funny, but very true..He then said for me to come around to the back because he said he would get everyone to sign,,,The RHH is going to sign my record...This record had never been opened until tonight,,,this was going to be a big treat,,,,I was like a kid in a candy store...I guess i should of acted my age a little bit better...Jimbo finally stuck his head out the bus and snatched up my record..he said he was going to change his shirt and be right back out..5 minutes later he emerged with my signed record,,,Jimbo was greatly sorry that I couldn't be there while he opened my record but it was just wrapped in big the Rev and Jimbo...on the sleeve...Jimbo was such a trooper that he even took a picture with me and the record,,,I was thankful and walked away...Little did I notice that the signatures had been smeared because of the damp night...oh my gosh..I cant beleive that this had happend!!!!! I proceeded to walk back and show Jimbo///Jimbo Jimbo Jimbo whnature boy...He was very sorry about the record but I told him it wasnt his fault..the Rev signature was bad and so was his,,,so i asked if he could actually sign the inner-circle on the vinyl itself..he was very happy to do so,,,He went back into the van and resigned it and also had the Rev sign it again..while he was inside...I ran into I asked him if hey could sign a "dollar" Scott said dollars were very hard to sign so he just put "S-C" neato..Jimbo emerged with my vinyl and it was was absolutely perfect....... I now can die peacefully.....ha ha ha P.S. The show was sold out (I dont know of the capacity ) pictures will follow soon... I hope you liked my review... And I hope that there aren't too many spelling errors...