Reverend Horton Heat @ The Metro, Chicago, IL, 11-29-98

The Metro
Chicago, IL

Well well well, I've finally had time to recoup the sleep lost in the name of witnessing the RHH a fifth time, but it was more than worth it. Before I recount the concert though however, I must tell you about prior to the concert. As my freind Jim (not of the band) were walking towards The Metro (an outstanding concert venue, if you have the means, I highly suggest you check it out) and as we passed the tour bus we glanced in the door. Lo and behold there was Jimbo trying to get out. I waved, and he motioned for us to approach the bus and pointed towards the door latch. After my freind Jim gave it a few tugs it was very obvious that... yes, they were locked in the tour bus... again. However moments later he passed the key out to one of the raodie type guys and they were freed from their mobile prison. After exchannging greetings we agreed to meet inside and it was left at that.

We got there just as the doors opened so we had a good hour before the Flat Duo Jets took the stage, so we made our way to the balcony and hung out anticipating the first act. Around 9:00 pm the band took the stage consisting of a vocalist, a drummer, and a stand-in upright bassist for about half of the songs. Seconds into the first song it was obvious this was not your typical opening band (especially when there is another opening band before the headliner). The Flat Duo Jets just like the veteran band that they are. High energy, high quality Rock'N'Roll. I was infinitely happy with this seeing as how even this secondary opening act was far superior to previous opening acts I had witnessed with RHH. During RHH's set I had the pleasure of conversing with "crow", the Flat Duo Jets drummer, and it was a good time (NOTE - perhaps in the near future there may be a sibling website to B.D.R. dedicated to the Flat Duo Jets, seeing as how they kicked fanny, AND they are Jimbo's favorite band). So, to make a long story short, if the Flat Dup Jets make an appearance in your town, I highly recommend checking them out.

Next on tap was The Amazing Crowns. Now, I had never heard them, but my freind and I had both heard very positive reviews. And that on top of the quality of Flat Duo Jets I was anticipating the best. And that is what the audience received. After being introduced with a taped boxing announcer ("In this corner, wearing all sorts of trendy outfits, and weighing in at an astounding combined weight of 125,000 pounds... THE AUDIENCE! And in this corner, weighing in at a combined 427 pounds, dressed ten times better than any of you... THE AMAZING CROWNS!") the band exploded into one of the most high energy sets I have ever seen, inlcuding headlining acts. They did point out that they "are NOT a swing band." a few songs into their set to clear up any misunderstandings (they are pious psychobilly preachers). The lead singer was incredibly personable with the crowd, as were the guitarist and upright bassist. About midway into their set they were joined by a saxaphonist from a Chicago band (sorry, i didn't quite catch the name, but if they're half as good as their saxaphonist, they're pretty darn slick.) To bring this section to a close, i must once again state, just as I did with the Flat Duo Jets, that anyone who likes RHH must catch The Amazing Crowns any chance they get. They're outstanding and perhaps the best choice for an opening act RHH could have hoped for.

"It's great to be here in Chicagee, TX!"

This is what the good reverend in the first break after playing the first few songs. He seemed to be in particularly good spirits this night, as he was extrememly candid with the audience. A couple people in the audience even bought him a shot. Oh yeah, during the RHH's set I had the pleasure of being in the 'reserved' section standing behind none other than Scott Churilla's mom... needless to say it was pretty fly. Anyway, some of the things the Rev. stated was that Chicago has the most beautiful women, but the most ugly men. And not only does it have the best looking women, but also some damn fine martinis... so you martini lovers out there, head on up to the metropolitan capital of the midwest (Springfield is of course the actual capital of Illinois, figured I should throw that out there.)

This was defnitely the finest RHH concert of the five I've had the pleasure of attending. My only regret is that they didn't play some of the old staples from the Sub-Pop days that were consistantly played in my first three concerts (I must admit, all three of those were prior to the release of Martini Time, which I'm sure has something to do with it.) So last but not least you will find the set list as complete as I can remember (I just copied it from the Mississippi Nights review, because if memory serves it was the same.)
Big Sky
Baddest Of The Bad
One Time For Me
Five O Ford
Jimbo Song
Lie Detector
Wiggle Stick (extended)
400 Bucks
Texas Rocabilly Rebel
Bad Reputation (for the ladies)
It's Martini Time
Bales of Cocaine
Beer 30
Big Little Baby
Now, Right Now
The Devil's Chasing Me (extended)
Nuture My Pig (also for the ladies)
Psychobilly Freakout (w/sermon)

I Can't Surf
Big Red Rocket of Love

So what does all this mean? That the gang is only getting better with age, and I can't wait to see them next (hopefully on New Years in Houston.) Till next time, take care.
Matthew Wetzler
"Big Dwarf Rode" -

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