Reverend Horton Heat @ Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO, 11-28-98

Mississippi Nights
St. Louis, MO

I discovered the Rev on Beavis & Butthead.  He was given a huge seal 
of approval by the boys.  This was my second show.  My brother and I 
showed up about 10 minutes before the Amazing Crowns hit the stage. 
They rocked it pretty good.  We stayed a safe distance so my brother 
would not have his ears blown away early.  He wanted to save that for 
the Rev.  During the Crown set, I spotted Scott just off stage (he was 
in a little pit just next to the stage in front of the green room. 

The EXIT door behind him was open and you could see the river flowing 

We moved closer for the Rev's set.  As the stage was being set up, 
Jimbo was rapping with some folks in front of the stage.  The 
instruments were set.  The lights went down.  We were up closer now, 
and I could see down into the hole where I previously saw Scott.  This 
time all three were down there.  A minute or two later They took the 
stage to "2001."  Jimbo waved to the crowd, could not see Scott behind 
the set due to our position, nor Mr. Heath as he tuned up his guitar. 
He turned around, smiled and stroked that first chord from "Big Sky" 
I was going on and on about this last night, so here's a list of what 
they played.  This is not the exact order, except for the songs at the 
beginning and the end:

Big Sky
Baddest Of The Bad
One Time For Me
Five O Ford
Jimbo Song
Lie Detector
Wiggle Stick
400 Bucks
Texas Rocabilly Rebel
Bad Reputation (for the ladies)
It's Martini Time
Bales of Cocaine
Beer 30
Big Little Baby
Now, Right Now
The Devil's Chasing Me
Nuture My Pig (also for the ladies)
Psychobilly Freakout (w/sermon)

I Can't Surf
Big Red Rocket of Love

After they finished Rocket, Jim Heath announced that they would be at 
the T-Shirt booth in 20 minutes.  Only one other time have I seen a 
band announce that after a show.  We both a BAD headaches from the 
bouncers seated in front of us.  They must have smoked a pack between 
them, and it all came our way!  I was dying, plus I could not hear, so 
hitting the fresh air outside was a priority, although I would have 
loved to gone over and met the dudes.

There was one moment in the show when The Rev got booed severely by 
the crowd.  He referred to the Dallas Cowboys as "God's Team", and 
although the Rams swallow, this is still a city happy to have the NFL 
here, even if the team is really bad.

I enjoyed watching the Rev work his magic on his guitar.  Some guys go 
nuts up on stage, and they can't touch the Rev.  He goes about it 
really cool; doesn't go bonkers.  He rode the bass not once but twice. 
Jimbo surfed a little too.  They also did their trick in which The 
Rev plays the neck of the bass, and Jimbo fingers the frets of the 
guitar.  "Lie Detector" and "Jimbo" really rock live.  Most of the 
rest just flat out smoked.  "Big Sky" didn't really, but hey it was 
the first song out of the gate, plus they played with it a little, 
varying the tempo in some spots.

My brother had to hit the head during the show, and while he was in 
there, two long big haired guys that had a few tattoos (we were among 
the few in the place that didn't) and he over heard this part of there 


"You ever heard of this guy before?"  "Uh Uh.  But I will say this. 
He's a bad ass."  "Yes sir."

So, I think The guys picked up some new fans and really pleased the 
old ones too.

Take care

Andrew Sampson
St Louis, MO

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